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Bamvù is the result of an unforgettable team effort, that has translated in adding value to ideas, the authentic ones that only nature can supply, the free ones that only art can express.

It started from its founders’ passion for engraving and decoration, as well as from their interest for nature and its incredible resources.

Bamvù wooden watches and leaf-leather wallets are hand made finished and produced from real wood of many different kinds and real natural leaves , each one of them with its own distinctive properties of color, hardness, flexibility and brightness, which make every unit absolutely unique and impossible to be imitated.

All our wooden watches and leaf-leather wallets are the result of deep research and continuous tests, always aiming to identify and use the best natural renewable resources, the most reliable partners and the most original designs. Our goal is to keep on producing and providing something really unique to our customers all around the world, never forgetting to respect nature, that’s why we choose to work only with the support of the most qualified partners, able to guarantee and prove the origin of the materials they source.

Our Wood

Cherry wood