Handmade leaf leather wallet and cards holder for men - Green

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Bamvu operates successfully in the market since 5+ years, and already served hundreds of happy customers around the world!
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Product description
Bamvu handmade leaf leather wallet is made of REAL TREE LEAVES which gives them a unique style.
We don't like to use animal leather for our wallets, that's why each Bamvu wallet is made from actual tree leaves (Teak leaves) that are coloured and worked with cotton fabric and a thin outer layer in order to preserve the leaf and make it waterproof. The properties of these leaves make our products resistant and durable over time.
Each Bamvu handmade leaf leather wallet is different from the others, as all the leaves are worked individually, having all a different texture that makes them unique.
No toxic substances are used during processing.

The WALLET is equipped with six to eight sections for credit cards.
The aesthetic impact is precious and makes it perfect for a gift!
It's really light and 100% water resistant.
Each product has a unique pattern and might be slightly different from the pictures.
Different colors available, please check our Bamvu Store for all the options.

- Size: 10.5 x 11.5 cm
- 6/8 credit card pockets
- Water Resistent
- Weight: 45 gr

All our handmade leaf leather wallet is shipped worldwide via Tracked Mail.
We will send you the tracking number by email so you can easily check the shipment status from your home. Our customer service will be there for you in case of any issue.
Info about shipping: each wallet comes into a paper envelope, in order to keep it clean and safe!

Return policy
If you would like to return a Bamvu handmade leaf leather wallet, please notify us within the period indicated in your order ( we offer a 15 days return policy for our products)
All the shipping costs incurred in both order and returns, unless the product is faulty, are a customer's financial responsibility.